Statewide Food Equipment, LLC - Michigan

Service Center

What does service mean to SFE?

Statewide Food Equipment is one of the most well respected food service companies in the state of Michigan.  SFE has been in business for 20 years, and through the years we have developed strong relationships with our customers.  At Statewide, customer service takes precedence over all else. We have taken many steps to ensure that our staff is always available for any need, or want.

Our staff at SFE has over 100 years combined knowledge on food equipment and weighing systems. We have knowledgeable staff available at all times that are able to diagnose and evaluate the problem to reduce repair time and maximize efficiency.

Statewide Food Equipment is recognized for their low call back percentage and high customer satisfaction. 

Preventative Maintenance Program

Statewide Food Equipment specializes in preventative maintenance programs which will ensure that your equipment is always running at its highest safety & efficiency. The preventative maintenance program ensures a fixed labor cost for the year, and with this cost, we are able to correct minor problems before they become costly repairs.  This service is provided twice a year for one low price. 

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

  • Longer Life for your Equipment - by keeping your machine running at peak performance it will make your machine last much longer!

  • Safety – It’s important to remember many of the machines we deal with have sharp blades and several moving objects. Many of times if you let a machine without maintenance for a long period of time it can become unsafe without you even knowing. Having your machines serviced periodically will prevent this and prevent you from injuring yourself or having an employee get injured.

  • $ BIG SAVINGS $ - Catching the minor problems before they turn into large ones can save you a great deal of money

Safety Training Seminars

SFE offers Training Seminars on how to operate equipment.

Help Line

24 hours 7 days a week call our toll free help line and there will be someone for you to talk to, to get your problems fixed.

Quality Service Doesn’t Cost it pays!